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Summary of the magazine

PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:12 am
by spacesys
The fifth edition of the Space Alliance magazine- addressing the English language readers of our website is ready.

This edition is focused on the celebration of 50 years of human spaceflight for NASA. Secondary, the magazine is coming with the latest news about the launch of the first Romanian satellite.
We also present in dedicated articles the first 2011 launches of the Chinese and Indian space programs. Then we turn our attention to the Atlas 5 and Ariane 5 rockets, and finally we end with an article about a Russian military satellite recently sent in space.

The summary of the fifth edition is listed bellow:

• Goliat the first Romanian satellite is approaching the launch dateless than 6 months since Romania will have its first space mission

• China launches the first satellite in 2011

• Atlas 5 at a new launch

• India launches the first satellite in 2011

• Ariane 5- a new successfull launch

• NASA has celebrated 50 years from the its first human flight

• New Russian military satellite sent on orbit

The entire magazine can be read as a pdf here or can be visualized online here.